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"Little Problems, Little Lies" - Peace and love will win the day [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Ann Wilson of Heart

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"Little Problems, Little Lies" [Aug. 28th, 2007|07:31 pm]
Ann Wilson of Heart


From Ann's POV on the song "Little Problems, Little Lies," the closing song on Ann's forthcoming CD, Hope and Glory:

We decided to write from the very first day, but it took me a really long time to figure out who I was and what my lyrics could be inside this album. But then I thought why don’t I be a soldier in Iraq lying down to die, bewildered, and summing things up.

I wanted to keep it simple and use the language someone would use at a time like that. When we first started working on the album, some people were like “Do we dare take some sort of global, political stand?” Because generally there’s music and there’s this other thing way over there –- politics.

But it’s become so pervasive, it’s all fused together now so I don’t think anyone has to worry. I believe this is good music for people to hear, to help to contemplate our world now.


I come down from Ft. Lewis
First time PFC
And kicking in these doorways
Ain’t natural to me
But now I got my orders
That evil lives inside
Hate the sin and kill the sinner
And do it all with pride

Here I lie a’bleedin’
In a bombed out SUV
No more cell reception
No more light to see

Screaming hopeless questions
Dreaming ‘bout my home
Till the chopper comes from heaven
To gather up my bones

I’m standing on a ledge
Out here on the edge
The moon is hanging high
It fills my dying eyes

Little problems, little lies

And all the young dudes fighting
So far away from home
Some are unsung heroes
Some are made of stone
Some of them are broken
The broken places strong
Some of them are crazy
Their innocence is gone

Standing on a ledge
Out here on the edge
The moon is hanging high
And it fills my dying eyes

Little problems, little lies

Thanks to TDHS for the lyrics ♥